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  • Submariner — can mean: *A sailor who is a crewman of a submarine *Namor the Sub Mariner, a comic book character in the Marvel Comics Universe *Rolex Submariner, a make of diver s watch *A baseball pitcher who pitches with an underhand motion …   Wikipedia

  • submariner — [sub΄mə rēn′ər, sub′mə rēn΄ər, sub mer′ə nər] n. a member of a submarine crew …   English World dictionary

  • submariner — UK [ˌsʌbˈmærɪnə(r)] / US [sʌbˈmerɪnər] noun [countable] Word forms submariner : singular submariner plural submariners someone who works on a submarine …   English dictionary

  • submariner — noun /səbˈmæɹɪnə,səbˈmɛɹɪnɚ/ a) A member of the crew of a submarine. Jones was a submariner and could often confuse a batter with his unorthodox delivery. b) A pitcher that throws with an underhand motion …   Wiktionary

  • submariner — [[t]sʌbmæ̱rɪnə(r), AM also sʌ̱bməri͟ːnə(r)[/t]] submariners N COUNT A submariner is a sailor or other person who goes in a submarine …   English dictionary

  • submariner — submarine ► NOUN ▪ a streamlined warship designed to operate completely submerged in the sea for long periods. ► ADJECTIVE ▪ existing, occurring, done, or used under the surface of the sea. DERIVATIVES submariner noun …   English terms dictionary

  • Submariner Vulkan — Der Ozeanboden im Satellitenbild …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Submariner (album) — Infobox Album | Name = Submariner Type = Album Artist = The Dead Science Released = July 2003 Recorded = 2002 Genre = Length = 47:12 Label = Absolutely KosherWoodson Lateral (LP) Producer = The Dead Science Chadwick Dahlquist Reviews = *Allmusic… …   Wikipedia

  • Submariner Canyon — Ein unterseeischer Canyon (auch submariner Canyon) ist ein steiles Tal auf dem Meeresboden im Bereich des Kontinentalschelfs. Unterseeische Canyons finden sich typischerweise als Verlängerung von großen Flüssen. Sie können sehr groß sein, so… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • submariner — noun Date: 1914 a member of a submarine crew …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • Submariner — Namor Namor le Prince des mers Personnage de Namor the Sub Mariner Alias Namor the First the Avenging Son Imperius Rex Namor McKenzie (identité civile) Sealord Joe Pierre Wingfoot Lor …   Wikipédia en Français

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